Scott Moses Sunarto's Chibi
Scott Moses Sunarto's Chibi

Hi, I'm Scott Moses Sunarto.

Software Engineer, Student, Thinker

Hi, I'm Scott Moses Sunarto.

Software Engineer, Student, Thinker

I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. Also known as 'smsunarto' on the internet. Currently studying CS at Diablo Valley College after finishing my gap year as a founding engineering team at a tech startup.
If there's one thing that I want people to know about me, then it would be the fact that I don't believe in being good at only one thing.
On my free time, I binge watch Netflix series, listen to podcast, or read books about finance and philosophy.
Feel free to contact me through any medium below for any questions or business inquiries.

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LandX // Software Engineer
> Built the company's first app version using Flutter.
> Integrated pre-pivot company's backend (NuMoney) with the new frontend.
> Scaled product from zero to thousands of users within less than a months.
> Provided assistance during technology regulatory compliance process.

NuMoney Exchange // Software Engineer
> Integrated XRP cryptocurrency to the exchange.
> Built arbitrage trading bot to generate market liquidity.
> Built i18n system and user's default language inference.

The Terasology Foundation // Contributor & Outreach Manager
> Create and maintain Terasology's Education Initiative.
> Mentor Google Code-in and Google Summer of Code students.
> Maintain organization website.


SMAKONE English Debate Society // Head of Research and Training
> Recruited new members to ensure proper club regeneration.
> Designed debate training curriculum and lesson plan.
> Mentored new debaters for rapid growth.

SMAKONE Technological Advancement and Research Team // Founder
> Participated in Indonesia-Japan Super Global Highschool Conference
> Designed and prototyped smart farming system (StartFarm).

SMAKONECUP Web Division // Coordinator
> Built and maintain SMAKONECUP website.

Besut Kode // Coordinator & Mentor
> Trained Indonesian high school students for Google Code-in
> Successfully produced 3 grand prize winners and 7 finalists.

Student Council // Coordinator of Information Technology
> Built and maintained school website.
> Built e-Ticketing system for school events.
> Provided IT assistance for any student council needs.


BEST SPEAKER // ALSA UI Debate Competition

CHAMPION AND BEST SPEAKER // UKRIDA English Debate Competition


GRAND PRIZE WINNER // Google Code-in

CHAMPION AND BEST SPEAKER // US Embassy Young Thinkers Trophy

2ND PLACE // National Schools Debating Championship


COLLEGE // Diablo Valley College // Computer Science

HIGH SCHOOL // SMAK 1 Penabur Jakarta // Math & Natural Sciences


LANGUAGES // Bahasa Indonesia // English

FRONTEND // HTML5 // CSS3 // SHPAML // Flutter // Riot JS // React

BACKEND // Node JS // Flask // PostgreSQL

PROG. LANGUAGES // Python // Javascript // Solidity // Erlang // Dart

Besut Kode

Indonesia's first free open source software development training for students.

Besut Kode is an online training program for open source software development that is open to highschool students age 15-17.

Students are requested to do the assigned tasked based on our carefully made curriculum and mentors will review their work and decide whether or not they pass. Mentor will also handpick talented participants to be prepared for Google Code-In or Google Summer of Code.

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